ANTI-AGING Senior Animals
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ANTI-AGING Senior Animals

After years of extensive laboratory research on aging processes in humans and animals cells, B.R.L. Laboratory Inc. is ready to introduce you the World’s 1st innovative supplement of its kind – 2Lives® anti-aging supplement for old animals.

Its unique complex of nutraceuticals works at the mitochondrial level and brings old, weak, senile and immobile animals aged over 7 years old back to healthy and active life, in addition, extending their overall life-span up to 40%. Why 2Lives® is unique?

– 2Lives® is able to detect and repair damaged mitochondria, stabilize and protect them from oxidation, as a result, mitochondria start to produce more energy required to keep animal’s body systems healthy and functioning properly.

– 2Lives® improves animal’s muscle & joint system, skin & coat, brain & nerve system.

Moreover, it gives more energy and vitality to senior animals making them as active, happy and healthy as before.

We care about healthy life and use only 100% natural biochemical ingredients, therefore 2Lives® anti-aging supplement is safe and free of side effects. With a simple, once a daily administration to animal’s drinking water, 2Lives® shows positive effects within 1 month.

Mitochondria – “powerhouses” of the cells – are membrane organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power vital functions of a living organism. Chemical energy required to support cells metabolism is produced in the inner mitochondria membrane through a series of biochemical reactions, where prosthetic group Flavin Mononucleotide (FMN) plays an important role by mediating electron transfer.

Loss of FMN due to various external and internal factors (age, temperature, diet, stress and other agents) can cause mitochondrial diseases and disorders resulting in deterioration of cells, later organs and the entire body.

2Lives® makes FMN stable and resistant to environmental harmful factors, thus providing overall protection to mitochondria against oxidation and damage.

2Lives® is aimed to bring major benefits to all cells, organs & systems of animal’s body.

  1. Increases energy level & Overall life-span
    Helps to restore animal’s activity level and vitality
  2. Restores mobility
    Reduces muscle stiffness and maintains joint mobility and flexibility
  1. Healthy skin & Shiny coat
    Stops hair loss and heals skin inflammation
  2. Healthy weight
    Safely and naturally enhances animal’s metabolism, corrects poor appetite and maintains perfect weight

Recommended for adult and senior animals over 7 years old with symptoms of slowing down due to ageing process: muscle stiffness, joint weakness, hair loss, itchy inflamed skin, poor appetite, lethargy, decreased activity level.

Administer according to the table. Open the capsule and dissolve the contents in a small amount of water and then add to animal’s drinking water or feed. Treatment period is 1 month.

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