ANTI-AGING Pet Astaxanthin
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ANTI-AGING Pet Astaxanthin

Living organisms including us, human and pets have an inevitable relationship with oxygen in order to absorb energy and survive, however, for every plus there is a minus. Oxygen can benefit our body by inhaling through our respirational system; on the other hand, it can also damage our body from oxidation leading by oxygen transformation.

Free radical is a molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell, for most biological structure, free radicals are highly reactive, free radical damage is closely associate with oxidative damage, it will directly react with body cells and damage it, eventually, our gene arrangement, DNA, will suffer impact from free radicals and eventually lost its function.

2Lives® astaxanthin for pet is introduced as the most powerful super antioxidant to protect pets from free radicals damaging. Moreover, it can reduce oxidation and promote pet’s immune system and overall health condition.

With 1capsule of 2Lives Pet Astaxanthin daily, enhance your pet’s living quality.

Pet Astaxanthin, so called super antioxidant, helps prevent cellular damage from free radicals. With its characteristics it is able to offer an extra electron to the unstable free radicals to stabilize the substance from attacking good cells, and maintain pets own health from free radicals, aging signs and cancer symptoms. It’s designed perfectly to protect all parts of the cell and actually positions itself across the entire cell membrane, attaching itself to both the exterior, interior and lipid layer, offering entire protection for each cell.

The key ingredient – Astaxanthin – is better than most other antioxidants (such as vitamin E, vitamin C, etc.) because it controls multiple free radicals at a time. Astaxanthin forms an electron cloud around the molecule, so when free radicals come by to steal electrons they are absorbed into the cloud and neutralized.

2Lives Pet Astaxanthin is a super antioxidant that helps reduce cell oxidation, support cellular health and protect cells and tissues from free radicals.

  • improves and promotes pet’s body immune system
  • helps on preventing diabetes and relieves its symptoms: excessive urination, excessive thirst, weight loss and lethargy
  • can help reducing other diseases such as dental diseases or ear canal inflammation, allergies, ear mites, and irritation from plants, shrubs or trees
  • deodorizes excrement
  • improves sleep and sensibility, and visual sense

Recommended dosage:

  • Cats (1+ kg): 1 caps (1mg) mixed with pet food (wet food ideally) once a day
  • Dogs (up to 6.5 kg): 1 caps (1 mg) mixed with pet food once a day
  • Dogs (6.6 – 13 kg): 2 caps (2mg) mixed with pet food once a day

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